Panorama 9: Survival of The Fittest

24 August 2006
Location: Centraal Museum
25 August 2006
Location: Centraal Museum

The rat race of modern life makes ever greater demands on its participants. For the moment, there is no room for compassion with the less talented. What does stress do to people, how far can you go in your ambitions, and what will the future of our industrial society look like?

Economic Primacy – Julika Rudelius
(THE NETHERLANDS, 2005, video, 17:55 min)

Supposed To – Aleesa Cohene
(CANADA 2006, video, 07:00 min)

Human Trial – Butler Brothers
(UNITED KINGDOM 2005, video, 04:48 min)

The Fittest Survive – Oliver Ressler
(AUSTRIA 2006, video, 23:00 min)

Cabinet – Tim Shore
(UNITED KINGDOM 2006, video, 18:20 min)

Misshapen – Sagi Groner
(THE NETHERLANDS 2006, video, 18:55 min)

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