Pitbull carnaval

Made by Jean-Charles Hue

19 December 2006

Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt

Jean-Charles Hue is a French filmmaker and artist. His work is poetic and unpolished and shows the lives of people on the fringes of society. The films are often harsh, violent and full of symbolism. That is no coincidence. Jean-Charles Hue is strongly influenced by artists such as Francisco de Goya and Louis Ferdinand Celine. He travels and finds material for his work that is a cross between documentary and video art. Many of his films were shot in the environment of the ‘Yénniche’, a gypsy people living mainly in Belgium and France.

Jean-Charles Hue is putting together a program for this Impakt Event, in which he shows a number of his own videos, including ‘Pitbull Carnaval’, a portrait of a Mexican couple that breeds fighting dogs. With this work Hue won the prize for best video work at LOOP 2006, Barcelona, With his work “Quoi de Neuf Docteur” he won the Golden Impakt Award (2005). He will also show work by filmmakers who inspire him such as Artavazd Peleshian and Kenneth Anger. Hilde Teerlinck, director of the FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais in Dunkirk, will interview Jean-Charles Hue about his work and his choice of film.


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