Urban Gardening And Exterior Decoration

23 August 2006
Location: Centraal Museum
25 August 2006
Location: Centraal Museum

Cutting-edge artists demonstrate new strategies to make an impact on the street. The bulk of the program shows documentation of their projects, as well as demonstrational and documentary footage. Get a glimpse of: swings in the street, tape sculptures, cleaning up capitalism, electronic graffiti and large scale collaborative mural work.
Curated by Ed Marszewski.

David Choe – Dithers
(USA 2004, video, 06:20 min)

Sur Del Cero – Cody Hudson
(USA 2004, video, 02:33 min)

Urban Swings, YES! – Duffy
(USA 2006, video, 03:13 min)

360 Degrees – Barnstormers
(USA 2005, video, 30:35 min)

Cleaning Wall Street – The Vacuum Cleaner
(USA 2003, video, 06:02 min)

GRL mini mix – Graffiti Research Lab
(USA 2005-2006, video, 08:00 min)

Bikes Against Bush – Joshua Kinberg’s Hardball TV Show
(USA 2004, video, 07:00 min)

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