The Crystalpunk Bonanza Of Origins

13 January 2007
12:00 — 18:00

Location: The Crystalpunk Bonanza Of Origins

The Crystalpunk Bonanza Of Origins Crystalpunk is a self education movement that starts at the beginning and seeks the reality behind the shadows.

This Crystalpunk Bonanaza brings together a select group of scholars and artists whose work (without even realizing it) has proven to be inspiring for the Crystalpunk’s quest for the mad leap of basic things. Where do life, thinking, language and computers really come from? Speakers are: artificial intelligence expert Luc Steels on his research into the origins of language, the logician Bruno Marchal about the world as computer literature historian Florian Cramer about the hermetic origins of software programmer artists Martin Hawse and Jonathan Kemp on the origins of the CPU and chaos theorist Otto Rossier on endotysics, either physics from within.


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