Kira Carpelan

Sweden 2007, HD-video, Swedish spoken, English subtitles

Miriam Bäckström: “Last summer I was invited to produce an exhibition at Färgfabriken, a Kunsthalle in Stockholm. The exhibition will be called ‘Kira Carpelan’. I decided to invite the artist Kira Carpelan, who is 32 years old and in her last year at Konstfack in Stockholm, to do the exhibition for me. I would produce the exhibition as a producer, and give her everything she needs in order to make the exhibition. She would have access to all my existing work, and all my work which is to come, or is under production. She would have access to my notes and archives, to my contacts in whatever area, she would get my advice and assistance, and I would give her any help she needs. At the same time she would allow me to follow and document the process with a video camera, interview her, film her in all possible situations, in order to produce material for a film, possibly a feature film. The film would be called Kira Carpelan.”


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