Sweden 2004, video, Swedish spoken, English subtitles, 42’

I can answer your questions, if you tell me what to say.
We all act our lives.
I’m most open when I play open.
Every time I think of a memory it changes.
If I consider fiction to be more authentic, why leave it at all?
(excerpts from Rebecka)

These are just few of the lines uttered by Rebecka, the woman sitting in front of the camera, being interviewed by a voice off-screen (Miriam Bäckström). Convinced, and allegedly sincere, she answers the questions, at times clearly rifling through papers that apparently provide some kind of script. As the interview progresses, we become more and more confused by the person before us. After having been given different answers to the same question repeated again, the character makes us suspect that she is not per se the woman we see. Oscillating credibly and compellingly between authentic experience and staged authenticity, Rebecka uses the interview – an assumed guarantee of unstaged speech – as a convoluted diversion from truth, trapping us in the hazy space between fictionalized reality and being. Stating that the most difficult part to perform is the role of her self, Rebecka – played by Rebecka Hemse, a well-known Swedish actress – draws us into a play on the circumstances of identity, in which all of her supposed selves stay convincingly genuine.


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