71 min

30 March 2007
Location: Centraal Museum
1 April 2007
Location: Centraal Museum

Traveling in time, towards a collective end, once brought together by third persons or looking back in nostalgia on a time in which law and order still reigned supreme.

Los Argonautas Cronicos (The Chronic Argonauts), Javier Toscano
(Mexico 2006, 10:50 min)

This video consists of a series of photo-stills, each containing a momentary lapse of time forever. What would a group of people, radically conscious about their own finitude, do with the little extra time that is captured in the sequence of images representing a compelling, inner voyage? Under this premise, this work explores the imagination and the experience of a group of people infected with HIV, bringing out a persistent present where they constantly project their future.

The Stewarts Have a Party, Hans Op de Beeck
(Belgium 2006, 4:19 min)
“The Stewarts” are a fictitious and carefully cast family. The various family members appear and disappear in an abstract, empty white room, like life-sized marionettes dressed in white. They are manipulated by puppeteers dressed in black; in this case by the set entourage consisting of production assistants, a makeup girl and a hair stylist. The family members are moved to spots in the space and tidied up for their performance. Then the puppeteers / assistants fasten balloons to the family members and place cardboard party hats on their heads. All of this takes place calmly and in complete silence, with no motion visible on any of their faces.

The Chan Clan, Ting Chan
(The Netherlands 2006, 17:00 min)
Mr. and Mrs Chan are a rolemodel of the Chinese immigrants who left their home country China, and started a new life in an unknown country. The movie is a story about love and struggle in life, family and friendship. This film also tells a story about how a daughter reacts on the hidden thoughts of her parents. It is a confrontation with her parents and a search of her identity.

Views of a Retired Night Porter, Andreas Horvath
(Austria 2006, 38:17 min)
In Kieslowski ́s 1977 documentary ght Porter ́s Point of View Ni , a typical exponent of the communist system, reveals his shocking attitudes. Driven by paranoia, the night porter ́s favourite pastime is to control others, even when off-duty. In 2005 Andreas Horvath finds the retired man in Warsaw. He lives in a one-room apartment with glaring wallpaper depicting a Hawaiian idyll. His views have not changed much in 30 years, but Poland has, thus his tirades seem strangely out of place. Set in wintry Warsaw, this film is a swan song to a long gone era and one of its unflinching representatives.



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