86 min

30 March 2007
— 31 March 2007
16:00 — 18:00

Location: Centraal Museum

Power and violence in subtle and less subtle appearances. Secret monitoring operations, civil informants and un- dercover operations. From gangster hats to junta, politics turn out to be a dirty game.

FAQ (part 1), Sagi Groner
(The Netherlands 2006, 25:38 min)
This video work by Sagi Groner is made from sampled footage from fiction films, documentaries and archive footage. It is a journey in the footsteps of other makers, a ‘nostalgic’ remix of a collection of visual and audio ‘quotes’ from unrelated works. A ‘new’ story is woven together from ‘old’ impressions, pondering and re-meditating on questions such as love, images, poetry, science, war, history and death.

Hymn of Reckoning, Kent Lambert
(USA 2006, 6:30 min)
A sequel (of sorts) to Security Anthem (2003), ‘Hymn’ explores themes of combat, torture and sorrow using images and sounds from the TV shows 24 and LOST, 1980s Nintendo games and various known and unknown films.

A Bit of Dirt, Erik Moskowitz
(USA 2005, 10:18 min)
An operetta which draws a correlation between the ethical bankruptcy depicted in Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz’s 1927 work Insatiability – upon which the libretto is based – and that of contemporary society. The ensemble cast are awash in ennui and lip sync the soundtrack sung in multiple tracks by oskowitz, on a baroque set overlaid by video projections. “[A Bit of Dirt] describes a society lacking in values in which all news is falsified and which the government is regarded as a sham. Moskowitz is both a voyeur and participant in the ill scene his film depicts, so we too are culpable for the society in which we live…” Modern Painter

Zimmer, Gespräche, Dora García
(Belgium 2006, 31:00 min)
The encounter in a Leipzig apartment between a Stasi officer and a female civilian informant is the setting for Zimmer, Gespräche (‘Rooms, Conversations’). However, neither the Stasi nor the city of Leipzig is ever mentioned explicitly. The video is thus set in an undetermined time and space, only discernible through the accent of the actors and the architectural background. Constructing a realist scene is not Dora García’s intention, and Rooms, Conversations is neither a documentary nor a documentary fiction. What García seeks is to use the parameters of a given historical situation in order to  communicate abstract notions such as fear, control, authority, submissiveness, obedience, absurdity, power or dependency.

Las Mujeres de Pinochet (Pinochet’s Women), Eduardo Menz
(Canada 2005, 12:00 min)
In this experimental short, the viewer is forced to role-play through the repeated employment and alteration of the text, sound and image until his or her expectations have been truthfully realized. The video examines class structure, the meaning of beauty and forgotten history through two very different but significant women during Pinochet’s brutal regime of the late 1980’s.



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