90 min

30 March 2007
— 1 April 2007
18:00 — 16:00

Location: Centraal Museum

The notion of what is normal is highly dependent on the context. Somewhere in Germany, there is a village exclusively inhabited by average people. Here, normal- ity suddenly turns into something very extraordinary. In Arambol, India, the locals have their own thoughts about the Western hippies in search for authenticity and in Slo- vakia, a very recognizable human need leads to a strange career move.

Kopfende Haßloch (Mapping the German), Jürgen Brügger
(Germany 2006, 36:20 min)
The village Haßloch has 3000 households. They are considered representative for all of Germany. BehaviourScan, a real-life test market in Haßloch, is a researching tool used to test the chances and risks before introducing a new product nation-wide. 3000 test households in Haßloch all have identity cards so their behavior can be recorded, analyzed and interpreted. Didn’t Jorge Louis Borges once speak of a land, where the cartography was pushed so far, that finally, the zenith of art, a map was created that matched the land in actual size, exactly? But where could one unfold it? And how could one oversee it?

Shanti Plus, Urmi Jukevar and Dorothee Wenner
(India 2006, 32:00 min)
Arambol is a small village at the Northern tip of Goa’s coast – and a
popular hang-out for today’s hippies. Part-time hippies themselves, the
two directors explore in a diary-type travel log what Indians think about
today’s hippies in a tiny village on Goa’s coast.

Pornoromantik, Peter Beganyi
(Slovakia 2005, 21:00 min)
A documentary portrait of a young promising computer analyst who dreams of a different future. He starts looking for love where it is seldom looked for. He attends porn castings. He dreams of having a wife and becoming a porn actor.

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