8 May 2008

Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt

Federico Solmi left Italy at the age of 25 and went to New York to become a self-educated artist there. In his animations and paintings, he depicts our society in a satirical, dystopic and at times controversial way. Key elements in his work include the neurotic urban landscape and the hectic and temptation of our modern-day society. He draws his inspiration from video games, pop culture and the Internet, and combines these elements with politics, religion and world history. The drawings at the basis of his animated films are based on photographs, film images and pictures from the Internet. His most recent work “The Evil Empire” caused great commotion in Spain when it was projected at a city square in Madrid. This work is set in Vatican City in the year 2046 where Pope Urbanus LXIX, that is right, the ninety-sixth, is struggling with his porn addiction in his home the Saint Peter’s Cathedral.

At the presentation, Solmi will show four of his animations that he made in collaboration with Australian based 3D-artist Russell Lowe. Russell Lowe is professor of the Faculty of the Built Environment University of New South Wales Sydney, Australia. He will also show the source material that inspired the creation of his works and discuss his cooperation with Lowe. Federico Solmi will be interviewed by Chris Keulemans (schrijver en journalist)

The Giant, Federico Solmi (2005, 3:55 min)
Rocco never dies, Federico Solmi (2005, 3:53 min)
King kong and the end of the world, Federico Solmi (2006, 4:28 min)
The Evil Empire, Federico Solmi (2007, 4:11)

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