9 May 2008

Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt

The films of Jan Peters are characterized by their typical style. They are fast spoken, diary-like documentaries alternating fact and fiction with comedy and tragedy. In his work, he uses anecdotes from his own life and his direct circle of friends to comment on multicultural and historic relations of daily life.

In this program by the title “Life, Universe and Everything, dealing with time and other subjects in diary films” Jan Peters will take us on a journey through his own work and the work of other artists engaged in making diary-like films. The guideline of this journey is a concept from his own films “13 or 14”: “As I was editing this film, it suddenly occurred to me that my inability to comprehend the universe, and my own personal coordinates within its framework, might have something to do with time. Maybe something would click if I could just think of time as something other than a successive progression.” Next to the premiere of his new film “2 or 3 takes on an idea” (2008, 6 min) produced in cooperation with Marie-Catherine Theiler, the program consists of work from young filmmakers such as Bin Chuen Choi and Ester Amrami and work of veterans like Jonas Mekas.

Jan Peters will be interviewed by Dana Linssen (journalist voor Filmkrant en NRC).

13 or 14, Jan Peters (Germany 2004, 5:00 min)
November, 1-30, Jan Peters (Germany 1998, 12:00 min)
December, 1-31, Jan Peters (Germany 1999, 3:00 min)
How I became a cave painter, Jan Peters (Germany 2001, 5:00 min)
How I became a freelance tour guide, Jan Peters (Germany 2007, 5:00 min)
2 or 3 takes on one idea, Marie-Catherine Theiler & Jan Peters (Germany 2008, 6:00 min)
Lost property Hong Kong, Choi Bin Chuen (2007, 5:00 min)
Berlin Diary, Ester Amrami (Germany/Israel 2005, 5:00 min)
Letters to Vania, Marie-Catherine Theiler (Switserland 2008, 5:00 min)
Diaries, Notes, Sketches,(Walden), Jonas Mekas (France/USA 1969, 5:00 min)


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