10 May 2008

Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt

Alimpiev’s videos are theatrical, compelling and deliberate at the same time. With a minimum of action and by means of close-ups, Alimpiev directs all attention on the person, but this person is not exposed as an individual but always as part of a group of people. His way of directing actors is strongly influenced by the Russian theatre director Vsevolod Meyerhold. Alimpiev directs his actors as a musical conductor, has them perform ritual action and move as a collective in theatrical settings. This gives his films an intense and visionary quality. Visual poetry combined with performance.

Alimpiev’s star in the international art world is rapidly rising. His work was shown at Manifesta 5 in San Sebastian (2004), the Berlin Biennale (2006) and at the SMAK in Gent (2007). In addition, Centre Pompidou and Tate Modern recently purchased work by him. From February until April 2008, Alimpiev was a resident artist within the Impakt Works program during which he filmed and edited his latest work ‘Whose is this Exhalation?’.

Next to the premiere of this work, the program includes “My Absolution”, “My Breath”, “Summer Lightnings”, “Sweet Nightingale” and “The Deer”. At the presentation, Alimpiev will also discuss the “Collective Actions” performance group and their main artist Andrei Monastyrskiy. Collective Actions where the spearhead of the so-called “Moscow Romantic Conceptualism”, the most important Russian art movement since the avant-garde from the twenties.
Victor Alimpiev will be interviewed by Arjon Dunnewind (directeur Impakt).

Whose is this Exhalation, Victor Alimpiev (Netherlands/Russia 2008)
My Absolution, Victor Alimpiev (Russia/Netherlands)
My Breath, Victor Alimpiev (Russia 2007, 5.27 min)
Summer Lightnings, Victor Alimpiev (Russia 2004 2:20 min)
Sweet Nightingale, Victor Alimpiev (Russia 2005 6:44 min)
The Deer, Victor Alimpiev (Russia 2002 3:43 min)

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