11 May 2008

Location: Theater Kikker

Since 2007, Impakt has been organizing the Sunday School series, a three-monthly Sunday afternoon event about arts and science. PetSpace is a special edition of Sunday School forming part of the Impakt Festival and focusing on the social skills of animals. This program takes stock of the latest trends in the animal world. How do animals manage their image? How do they present themselves on the Internet? And what is there to learn from swarms and flocks when it comes to forming communities?

Evolution biologist and author Tijs Goldschmidt reads aloud to Koko and Kafka from his book “Kloten van de Engel” [The Angel’s Balls] and shows us the “dancing cockatoo”. Filmmaker Eveline Ketterings takes her dog Claus along, who will provide us with an insight into his canine adventures. TV scientist Maarten Reesink tells about the representation of animals in audiovisual and popular culture and the primatologist Jan van Hooff will give a short lecture. In addition, the program features films including ‘One Black One White’ by Hung-Chih Peng. The film demonstrates that the maxim “I want what you want” also applies to animals. Next to fragments from “Schoffies” [Rascals], a film by Marc van Fucht about Amsterdam-based herons, the program features scenes from ‘Going to the Dogs’ by Wim T. Schippers, ‘Grizzly Man’ by Werner Herzog and a documentary about designer birds. Mr Lee demonstrates that animals themselves also engage in media presentation: he is a cat with his own weblog.

PetSpace is a program by and about animals, and people who think they know them.
Curated by the Sunday School.

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