Hybrid Playground Presentation

10 May 2008

Location: Theater Kikker

Panoramas and annotations in the sandpit of social networ­ king sites, mobile services and linked applications. To what extent are users aware of the implications of their online behavior, how much liberty do sites like Hyves, Flickr and Google allow their users? How much of our life do we want to share with the rest of the world through the Internet? Next to the artists who are represented on the festival, and Alchemyst, KKEP and the Utrecht based orga­nization z25 will also present their projects.

The Utrecht based organization z25 will present their projects Dat­A en DataMe. The Foundation was established in 2003. Its mission is to initiate significant experiences by innovative application of new media. By putting new media in a cultural and artistic context, the foundation seeks to explore the potential of new media as a narrative medium and touch the hearts of an audience.

Amsterdam based KKEP created, together with Twones the ParaPlay project. By means of the iTunes playlists of, for instance, visitors of a dance night, ParaPlay establishes their mutual connections on a big screen, reveals simi­larities and manipulates the visitors – who in turn inter­ act with each other. And the visitors determine which music is played! The top 50 of most regularly played songs from the attendants’ playlists are played and mixed by the DJ. You earn points with your playlist, you can vote for songs, send each other text messages and come into contact with musi­cally like­minded people in a totally unique manner.

Gifted –

Hyves, YouTube and many other social websites dominate the Internet. Are we heading towards a future in which social net­ works will also dominate real life? At the Impakt Festival, this future becomes a reality. With your mobile phone, you can judge the performances and es­pecially the people around you, for instance, on whether they are sexy, or dangerous. The way in which you are judged by peo­ple eventually also determines your experience of the festival: your popularity becomes tangi­ble. Do you get an extra cookie to go with your tea?

The Roomware Project – Alchemyst

The Roomware Project is an open­ source framework for interactive spaces. Roomware detects the presence of people through their mobile phone and reveals their mutual relation on the basis of profile data. By linking Flickr to Bluetooth, Roomware is also able to give visitors a peep into each others’ photo albums.

Bliin – KKEP

Bliin is a free service by means of which users take their mobile phone to inform each other of their live locations and share their activities and experi­ences in real­time. Community members can localize and follow each other on a world map. Bliin brings friends, family and col­ leagues within reach, every­ where in the world. With your mobile, you can upload photos and trips which become immediately visible right at the spot where they are taken. Photos are tagged with a location and in this way can also be traced by others. Bliin is available for both fixed and mobile Internet.

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