8 May 2008

Location: Theater Kikker

The fascination for death, evil and other obscure matters is as old as man. In several trends in art, this preoccupation even takes centre stage. Think of symbolism in painting and literature, or of ‘gothic’, one of the most trendy subcultures around today. In the music part of NekroKult, we will ignore gothic and concentrate on the new class of Metal. This movement has rigorously done away with all blinkers and taken new and interesting directions with this ‘antique’ genre. Apart from the concerts, the program consists of films by Kenneth Anger and Olaf Breuning.

Aluk Todolo (France)
The French Aluk Todolo was founded as a side project of the black metal band Diamatregon. In the most basic rock line-up possible, comprising guitar, bass and drums, they succeed in melting krautrock and black metal into a massive and mysterious whole. Their songs, which are more like musical pieces in the classical sense of the word, are brutal and repetitive, without losing atmosphere or intelligence. This is black metal without any frills and adornment, with only the rhythm, the feeling and an unstoppable urge remaining.

Alkerdeel (Belgium)
Alkerdeel from the Belgian village of Zomergem is a descendant of the Funeral Folk family, which also serves as the home base of free folk drone heroes Silvester Anfang. Their music is described as filthyblacksludgedoomdrone and there is not much to be added to this. Abrasive guitars, distorted drums and sick vocals form a despondent whole. Cut out for fans of Bone Awl, Ancestors and related bands.

Group, Olaf Breuning (Sweden/USA 2001, 10:00 min)
Invocation of My Demon Brother, Kenneth Anger (USA 1969, 11:00 min)
Lucifer Rising, Kenneth Anger (USA 1981, 28:00 min)

The NekroKvlt related program of Okkult focuses on the fascination of artists and scientists for the occult and paranormal phenomena.

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