9 May 2008

Location: Theater Kikker

An evening of music, live performances, extravagant video mutations and a circus of the freshest costumery. A night is filled with colourful surprises. Driving chaotic organisms throw a party under the umbrella of a neon rainbow, powered by the analogue home-modified rave machines.

Curated by Ola Vasiljeva and Dave Driesmans.

The video program combines the most unusual narratives, abstract loops, primitive touches, absurd twists, humour and eclectic moods, kaleidoscopic vibrations and home-made acid soundtracks.

Slow Dance Recyttal, Peter Burr, Christopher Doulgeris, Cassandra C Jones (USA 2006, 7.36 min)
Whispering Pines #4, Shana Moulton (USA 2007, 11:34 min)
Lightfoot Fever, Animal Charm (USA 1996, 01:30 min)
The Last Stronghold, Frank Koolen (The Netherlands 2008, 3:00 min)
Gumby in Jan Dogstrom, Ben Jones (USA 2005, 4:00 min)
Tina’s Turn, Ola Vasiljeva (Latvia/the Netherlands 2008, 3:30 min)
Dome TV (excerpt), E*Rock (USA 2008, 5:00 min)
Windmills Of Your Mind, John Hey (USA 2008, 3:00 min)
Future Form of Entertainment (excerpt from “Paper Rad DVD”), Paper Rad (USA 2006, 5:00 min)
Ashley, Animal Charm (USA 1997, 9:00 min)
Shempi, E*Vax/Ratatat (USA 2008, 4:00 min)
Dood Loop, Peter Burr (USA 2008, 1:00 min)

Gijs Gieskes (The Netherlands)
The Mad Magician from Arnhem treats us to a musical mix produced by game boys, a modified casio keyboard and self-constructed synthesizers, accompanied by his own visuals.
Gijs Gieskes

Rubber O Cement (USA)
Caroliner spin-off, musical genetic experiment the zero-tech way, directly from the bizarre San Francisco Music scene. Rubber O Cement is a guarantee for a substantial dose of absurd visual and auditory entertainment.
Rubber 0 Cement

Music for Rabbits (Belgium)
Poppy trash psychedelica from Brussels. Guitar, electronics, samplers, drums, toys and funny voices are their nonsense weapons on stage. A psychedelic and surreal mix-up to lift your drowsiness.
Music for Rabbits

Eats Tapes (USA)
The abstract techno duo Eats Tapes have been around since 2001, but only recently were they acknowledged as one of the best live acts ever to emerge from the San Francisco music scene. Their non-conformist ‘anything goes’ interpretation of dance music makes Eats Tapes feel at home in both punk clubs and discotheques and have an appeal for both party people and lovers of fine cross-genre electronic music.
Eats Tapes

Andrea Crews (France)
The circus of the freshest costumery is presented by Andrea Crews, a platform of active creation and symbol of the most playful fashion. They take the stage as the performances are mixed live with video in a tribal whirlpool resulting in the celebration of non-stop fun.
Andrea Crews

Acid Furious (Belgium)
Analogue drum computers, synths, obscenely big beats and annoying high-pitched sounds make you long back to the days of euro trance. Earlier this year support for Black Dice in Brussels and now featured at Impakt.
Acid Furious

Jean Nipon AKA DJ AI from France will play a wild mix of electro-pop, techno, punk, hip-hop and hardcore. Selective eclecticism by a friend of animals. Club Marguerita, the rapidly rising stars from the Utrecht electro scene will take you on a trip to the end of the night. Acid included.

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