Electrical Walk through Utrecht

Electrical Walks is an extensive project initiated by the German sound artist Christina Kubisch in 2003. These walks are walking explorations of the layers in our living environment. For these walks, she uses special headphones that receive electromagnetic signals and transform these into sound. Kubisch also developed walks in Japan, the United States and Slovakia. Now it is Utrecht’s turn.

On a demarcated area in Utrecht, Kubisch mapped the locations of electromagnetic ‘hotspots’. Examples include cash machines and underground railways, but also visible and invisible security systems. This invisible layer – which is around us permanently – is made visible by Kubisch through these walks. The result is a magnificent collage of sound comprised of rhythms and drones.

The walks also have an ecological aspect. Electromagnetic radiation is everywhere despite the potential perils, which demonstrates our inability to anticipate the side-effects of social growth.

During the festival from 13 through to 17 October, everybody can experience this magical walking route which leads both through the historical inner city and the vaults of Utrecht’s shopping heart Hoog Catharijne. At the Impakt festival counter in Theater Kikker, headphones are available for individual walks.


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