Skweee Analysis

Musical subcultures sometimes produce movements that have a completely distinct sound retraceable to specific countries, cities or even districts. The originally Scandinavian movement Skweee is an interesting specimen of this. Skweee? Skweee is dubstep-like funk, balancing between space and 90s R&B, Rick James and rave.

The first Skweee releases date back to early 2006 and both initiators (label-wise) Flogsta Danshall (Sweden) and Harmönia (Finland) started off with a release by Randy Barracuda. By now, the virus has spread internationally and Skweee can be heard in all corners of the world. There are Spanish, Canadian and British labels and artists, and even The Netherlands is represented with its own distinct variety in the form of Coco Bryce. During the Skweee analysis night, Impakt presents the international figureheads of Skweee in all its mutations.


This is a super group consisting of Harmönia label owner Mesak, Randy Barracuda and Michael Black Electro who arouses passion with his sweet R&B vocals. Spin Magazine wrote: ”Think The Chronic dubbed onto a cassette with R2-D2 improvising Arabic melodies on top”. Exclusive Dutch premiere. Later this night Mesak will do a live solo set and Randy Barracuda will do a dj set.


The Breda-based Coco Bryce of the Dutch Lowriders collective is the man who brought Skweee to the Netherlands. He combines the synthetic and clean sounds which are so typical for Skweee, with a deeper, rough hip-hop sound.

Niño (SPAIN)

Niño is here to show us that the Spanish town of Valladolid also produces fresh Skweee beats.

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