Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion


25 May 2010

Location: Moira

Now that the bottom of our fossil fuels has come into sight, we urgently ask ourselves: where will I get my energy from? Should we all get ‘off the grid’ and generate our own energy without third party interference? Or should we move towards a more efficient global network with, for instance, football fields full of solar panels in North Africa supplying green energy to Europe? What is the most sustainable and ecological solution? In this edition of Things to Come we have a look at some future scenarios with respect to our energy supply.

Featuring contributions from:

Dr. Ir. C. John Kerkhoven who has been working as a Managing Director of Quintel Intelligence on issues of Energy Transition since 2008. His contribution to the energy transition debate is esteemed throughout Europe. Within the Netherlands, he collaborates with major players such as Shell, Philips, Essent, Eneco and others.

Steven Vromman who interrupted his career as Ecolife executive in May 2008 in order to continue his life as Low Impact Man. Since then, he has become a household name in Flanders and abroad. Vromman shows us that it is possible to live a proper life with a minor impact on our planet.

Visual artist Jochem van der Spek who uses computer simulations of falling objects – and nowadays also drawing machines – to explore the difference between mechanical and real movement.

Erik Groen who makes us cycle in order to power the video projector which screens the films.

In addition, this edition of Things to Come will feature the presentation of Collapsus. Collapsus is an interactive and hybrid online environment which exposes the consequences of an energy crisis by combining elements of gaming, fiction and documentary. Collapsus is produced by SubmarineChannel in collaboration with the VPRO.

The interactive TTC voting system allows the audience to partake in the discussions.

Presentation: Klaas Kuitenbrouwer


Things To Come is Impakt’s new series on the ethical, artistic and philosophical dimensions of emerging techno-social developments.


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