Panel Discussion



Things To Come is Impakt’s series about the social, ethical, artistic and philosophical dimensions of upcoming techno-social developments.

The question as to who owns and configures the space in which our urban activities take place, plays an important – but often underrated – role in the interaction with our environment. It determines to a considerable extent who has access to the urban, but also to our personal space. Sound is increasingly used as a political means to fence off both the urban and the personal space. The ‘Mosquito’ expels youth causing nuisance from their favourite hang-outs while prisoners at Guantanamo Bay are tortured with heavy metal music.

These developments demand a counter-reaction. At Sonic Resistance, artists and scientist shed a light on sound in its most polluting, militant and viral form. Sound is not only something that happens to us, it can also be deployed as a tactical means of cultural of political resistance. Klaas Kuitenbrouwer will host the evening.

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