The Berlin Wall is gone but on the screen of your mobile phone you can see it right back on the spot where it used to be. The technology making this possible – Augmented Reality – is in the center of attention right now. Also in the Netherlands because one of the major players on the market is the Dutch company Layar.

On this fourth UNMA we look at the future of this exciting technology. What is its potential, but mainly: where do we go from here? Will we start placing virtual objects on the streets before too long? Or will we go hunting outside for virtual monsters in AR games?

We also raise critical issues such as: are AR browsers real browsers? With a web browser you can look at every web page. But what about AR Browsers on your mobile? Do they have a standard? And: how can we set this hype apart from reality?


Wolfgang Hürst, Assistant Professor of the Department of Information and Computing Sciences (Utrecht University), Johannes la Poutre and Remco Vroom (Tweeps Around) and Markus Tripp, System Architect of Wikitude (Salzburg).

At the UNMA we also bring you other Utrecht news. The Social Ice-Cream Wagon comes to town! By following Twitter closely and responding to questions there, you can win a good share of ice cream this summer.

Please note that this evening is also intended as a networking event, so make sure to bring your business cards!

Presentation: Tijmen Schep