Brain Tuners

Panorama Event Night #2

As a ‘visualist’ Rosa Menkman is looking for the artefacts of accidents in digital media. Both in arts and scientific work, she ventures out into the field of ‘glitch studies’: the art of artefacts. She was the first Dutch artist to be selected for a residency in Sao Paulo within the framework of the collaboration between the Brazilian Museum for Image & Sound and Impakt.

Willehad Eilers, who is also known as Wayne Horse, presents a ‘work in progress’ version of his film project Teddymilks: The Illmannered Milkman. For this film, Willehad managed to win the confidence of the famous American wrestler Kent Hensley and crooner Adrian Falk and make them act. The result is as beautiful as it is painful.

During a residency in Istanbul at Platform Garanti, Sander Breure & Witte Van Hulzen worked together with several Turkish stars to film the video Ebedi Dönüs in which soap is combined with poetry and opera. Melodrama, violent love and interference from the hereafter.

After Esmée Denters, The Netherlands have a new international Youtube hit: Tim Smit. This uncrowned king of special effects has made the astonishing short film What’s in the Box? with very limited supplies: if we are to believe the legend, just 3 days, 150 euro and a pizza. Hij will present his new video during this PEN.

Gijs Gieskes increases the geek level of this night by means of a performance with his self-designed instruments consisting of circuitbends of DJ gear, acid modules and synths. In his world, even modified whisks are turned into synthesizers.

Also featuring: Quick edits of ultra-violence (Bande Annonce by Sabine Massenet), la vie miserable mit angst KABOOM! (Paikallaan by Mika J. Ripatti) and a hard-core wake-up call (Rotten Sound by Francois Rabet)

DJ William Head, the DJ alter ego of Willehad Eilers, adorns the night with a decent portion of musical filth.

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