On the Edge

Panorama Event Night #3

Eun Hyung Kim from South Korea made a strange animation about the relation between China, North Korea and her homeland. She based her animation on videos she received from South Korean men and a Chinese Korean woman.

Core Van Der Hoeven is the editor of much of Erik van Lieshout’s work. On 1 May 2009, he was suddenly no longer able to speak and he found his right arm and leg paralyzed. In the hospital, they pierced his skull in search for the brain infection. Sick shows us his troublesome recovery with a good deal of self-irony.

For anyone wondering lately who is responsible for the gigantic vertical tent constructions set up against canal-side houses in Amsterdam and Utrecht: meet Leonard Van Munster and his project Camping Vertical.

The work of photographer Willem Popelier centres on photographical representations of identity.

Eric Van Der Woude, a complete VHS fetishist, presents a glance into his bizarre collection of VHS trash and exploitation film rarities.

Hester Scheurwater was removed from Facebook five times. The photographs she placed on her account of herself were considered offensive. Hester Scheurwater is here to tell us about her struggle with Facebook and about her forthcoming book published in collaboration with Walter Keller (Parkett Art Magazine).

Also featuring: Sexism on Spanish Television (Ya Basta by Ruben Aubrecht), Inception in Legoland (Rubika by Claire Baudean) and first-person shooter art (Douchebag City by Federico Solmi)

New kids on the block Zick Zack Soundsystem will spin a mix of mix van heavy bass funk, Caribbean tunes and the newest electronic vibes from London.

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