Slightly Disrupted

Panorama Event Night #1

In this Panorama Event Night Rogier van der Zwaag, clip maker and 1/3 of Nobody Beats the Drum, reveals the pains of attempting to create an overly ambitious video clip. He also gives away some top secret tips on how to have your video go all ‘viral’ on the Internet.

Tim Leyendekker presents his triptych The Healers, a disenchanting look into the buildings accommodating the gay nightlife outside opening hours and with the strip lights on.

As a true body architect artist Lucy Mcrae combines her fascination for technology, fashion and the human body, in silhouette extensions consisting of highly remarkable materials affixed to her models. The result is gorgeous and provocative photography. One of her admirers is the one and only electro pop icon Robyn who wears McRae’s ‘body architecture’ on the sleeve of her new album.

The duo Lernert Engelberts & Sander Plug talk about their project How to explain it to my parents, a confronting documentary in which artist Martin C. de Waal explains his parents what his art is about. Lernert and Sander’s Youtube hit film Chocolate Bunny will also be screened.

The collective Also Starring gives a presentation of their interventions in public space, which hold the middle between street art and land art.

The Finnish artist Sara Bjarland shows in close-up the trials and tribulations of a butterfly trying to fly for the very last time.

Visual artist Ola Vasiljeva just finished the video clip for the American glo-fi hit Nite Jewel. This dreamy gem shot in late summer in Rhode Island is premiered at this Panorama Event Night.

Also featuring: Inappropriate behaviour of rich girls (Dressage by Julika Rudelius), Walt Disney held accountable for his deeds (Suspended Animation by Billy Lumby) and Gilbert & George having a disenchanting experience on the British countryside (Arts + Crafts Spectacular by Wolf & Ritterskamp)

Oja Vasiljeva will also show her surprising skills as a DJ and shower us with her love for hazy superstars and undiscovered legends.

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