YouTube Battle / Fritsch vs. The TechnoViking

Closing Party

In 2000, the German artist MATTHIAS FRITSCH filmed a ferociously dancing body builder in Lederhosen during a street rave. The film was screened at Impakt and a number of other festivals, but apart from that, led a quiet life until it landed on YouTube. Instantly, an Internet legend was born: THE TECHNOVIKING! This self-appointed crowd controller now appeals to people worldwide and is being imitated on countless occasions. Homage or parody, it is impossible to make the distinction. The varieties with animation and alternative soundtracks are infinite. The TechnoViking is a real viral!

At the Impakt Closing Party, Matthias Fritsch will show the original version of the TechnoViking ‘Kneecam’, present an anthology of follow-up videos and screen his latest video ‘We, TechnoViking’.

After this, the YouTube Battle will break loose. A selected number of specialists will enter the battlefield. Who will show us the most bizarre, fantastic or touching YouTube film clip? Participants are a/o Dagan Cohen (famous from De Wereld Draait Door and Upload Cinema), Eric van der Woude (VHS Trash connaisseur), Kristian Lukic (Straight from the Balkan), Matthias Fritsch and Hester Scheurwater.

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