11 September 2010

Location: Neude

The summer seems so far away already, but this final edition of Impakt Open Air brings the sun back to Utrecht for a short while. Let yourself be surprised by cutting edge animation, hilarious cult videos, found footage, unexpected plots, and liberating madness, while being served by a BBQ, a cocktail bar and DJs. The films include work that Dutch film students made for their final exams, and some previews to Impakt Festival 2010 Matrix City, which will take place from 13 to 17 October 2010.

Most recent program additions:
This series of Impakt Open Air Events will be concluded with a live visual performance by Bas van Koolwijk and Gert-Jan Prins. HyBoLT by Christopher Marquez has also been added to the program; In his own words: “a real disco happening with psychedelic effects and crazy footage”. Furthermore we will be presenting SkateBang, which was previously announced for edition #3. Were you under the impressing that Jackass skate stunts are extreme? Then come watch this Madonna-meets-skater-kill-video by Damon Packard.

In The Bohemian Rhapsody Project by Ho Tzu Nyen all dialogues have been replaced by the lyrics to Queens superhit. Ho Tzu Nyen shot the film – a mix of music video, karaoke, documentary and musical – in a law court in Singapore. A capella choirs, guitar solos and ringtones included! The young artist Sun Xu from China will present his work. He is currently artist-in-residence at the Holland Animation Film Festival that will take place from 3 to 7 November.

In Future Past Perfect Pt. 3 by Carsten Nicolai we see a vending machine going crazy and I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life With You from the Spanish Manuela Moreno is an ultra-short film about a woman who finally finds the man of her life at night at a stop sign. Tim Knol will not come, but luckily his video clip maker Sverre Frederikson is. He has made things very hard for himself by making an animation video with drawings made with burning material and wood.

Architect agency STEALTH.unlimited – festival curators for Impakt – will give a preview of all the great stuff that will be seen during the big Impakt Festival 2010. With the D-Fuse project Endless Cities Redux they explain the theme of the festival, Matrix City: the dilemma of the city.

Apart from these titles there are a few surprise films and art projects. DJs Volksmenner DDR and De Volledige Vrouwelijke KGB (of Cruise Control) take care of the sultry beats.

On the BBQ we only serve organic meat. Of course vegetarian alternatives are available too.

In cooperation with, Centraal Museum and VSB Fonds.


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