Although Francesco Jodice (Italy) graduated in architecture and developed as one of Italy’s most re-known contemporary photographers, filmmaking is an essential part of his oeuvre. His work investigates the shifts in social landscapes, through the comparison of similar phenomena in different parts of the world.

Citytellers is a docu-fiction series on self-organization phenomena in the hyper-cities Sao Paulo (Brazil, 2006), Aral (Kazachstan, 2008) and Dubai (United Emirates. 2009). The Citytellers cycle enables viewers to grasp a critically distant, and often unknown, reality. The camera’s objective gaze penetrates every interstice in the urban, natural and human landscape, adopting a strongly descriptive accent – from the phenomenon of self-organization in Sao Paulo, the collapsing eco-systems around the Aral lake to the constant paradox of Dubai where a paradise of luxury and wealth hides a dark side of inhuman poverty and exploitation.

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