18 January 2011

The French artist Jean-Charles Hue finds his subjects in the fringes of society. Like his main characters his films are rough, direct and upfront. A breeder of fighting dogs, French Gypsies or an American junky that got stuck in the underbelly of the Mexican border town Tijuana. Hue’s works tell about the special rules and myths of the subcultures that his characters inhibit, from a knife made from the bone of a dog which is passed from hand to hand to an apparition in a community of travelers. In Utrecht Hue made a short film based on the belief in the spiritual powers of tattoos and the symbols they represent. He took the stories of a Parisian bar where visitors staged fight to measure the strength of each others tattoos as a starting point for a new film that stars some of the more remarkable characters from the Utrecht tattoo scene. In addition to this film Hue will also already show some excerpts of “La BM du Seigneur” (God’s BMW), his feature film that is now playing in art house cinemas in France. It will have its Dutch premiere in the upcoming 2011 Rotterdam Film Festival.


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