ACTION AT THE OUDEGRACHT 183: Opening CVLT FEST, the GIF CAVE and Screening Linda Franke

8 June 2012
— 10 June 2012

Location: SETUP
On Friday 8, Impakt artist-in-residence Linda Franke will present two new 3D-video works, at Setup’s exhibition space at Oudegracht 183. Bizarre anonymous confessions are awkwardly embodied in the video CAN’T STOP. Her other work, YOU AS AN ANARCHISTIC DYNAMO IN THE COORDINATE SYSTEM, deals with the anarchistic potential of an individual within a group. We invite you to the premiere at Setup, 20:30h. After the premiere the videos will stay on view in the exhibition space of Setup until the end of CVLT FEST on Sunday 10 June.

In her work, Linda Franke uses wit and performance as strategies of endearment. Clichés from soaps and propaganda are stripped down in an absurdist way by means of a dazzling mix of existentialist questions in a hyper-artificial world of 3D animation.

During her stay in Utrecht, Linda Franke has produced a new video echoing the artist’s base ingredients of performance and sculpture. In CAN’T STOP, she depicts the horror and beauty of life in a world void of instructions and the possibility to stop in an absurdist manner. We are confronted with a continuous stream of bizarre, embarrassing and personal confessions taken from Internet forums. In utmost uncomfortable positions, Linda Franke uses her body as a metaphor and as an instrument, next to using 3D animated objects. She magnifies the tension between the coexistence of human needs. This can lead to uncontrollable actions but also our ability to reflect on these actions through language, through confessions. This two faced motor of chaos and control never stops, just like the objects in Can’t Stop.

YOU AS AN ANARCHISTIC DYNAMO IN THE COORDINATE SYSTEM is the title of a second work Linda completed during her Impakt residency. Also with 3D techniques, in this work she explores the unpredictable interactions between people within a group, who are trying to solve a problem. With the script, developed entirely through improvisation work with actors, Linda Franke lays bare how personal desires are expressed in group processes and links this to concepts of anarchy, capitalism, and the glorification of self-interest.

Same place, same time: Opening of CVLT FEST 0.0: In the wharf cellar of Oudegracht 183 we will celebrate the opening of the  GIF CAVE by Caetano & Leandro in collaboration with Friso Wiersum, from Friday 8 June 16:00h.

The GIF CAVE will see live acts from the opening until Saturday 9 June 17:00h – by Nerefuh, EhCaetano Menuzúm, Linda Franke, Moemlien, Fyoelk, Margarita Osipian, DOG, DJ Boris Becker, Friso Wiersum, DJs Sacred GIF(t)s (Joris and Kristy Foom), Jessica Dill.


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