5 July 2012

Dominic Gagnon, BIG KISS GOODNIGHT. Joetalk100 and the Holy Spirit against the New World Order (66 min.) 

Just out of jail, sitting in his car, Joseph drinks iced coffee, smokes cigarettes. Under the name Joetalk100 he produces homemade videos that he uploads to YouTube. He is a proud US citizen and outraged to see the country that he loves disappearing right in front of his eyes.

With Joe’s consent, Dominic Gagnon edited and re-used Joetalk100’s YouTube uploads and built this acid piece with no constraint. BIG KISS GOODNIGHT is a subjective powerful trip into the reactionary and savage psyche of the ultra conservatives in the US .

Tags : crises, fascism, tribulation, rock ‘n’ roll, survival, freedom, debt, censorship, wars, drugs, Obama, Jesus.

About Dominic Gagnon (Canada, 1974)
As a director, inventor, performer and filmmaker, Dominic Gagnon is an internationally recognized artist whose insightful and enigmatic films have been recently screened at Transmediale (Berlin) and Centre Pompidou (Paris). Gagnon considers cinema as ‘a technique for measuring the immeasurable, or as a discipline of chaos’. Using video and film since the nineties, his works are an exposé of obsession, identity and culture.

Recently, Dominic Gagnon has produced and directed dark, mythological collage videos, made with fragments of webcam broadcasts that were removed from several platforms for their controversial or explicit content.

The first and second part of his triptych, RIP IN PIECES AMERICA (2009) and PIECES AND LOVE ALL TO HELL(2011), leave the spectators excited, agitated. They are left with a lot of questions and something we might call “sociological adrenaline”. Dominic Gagnon is not searching the web for the mediocre, but for the extraordinary, remarkable and disturbing. BIG KISS GOODNIGHT (2012), Gagnon’s new work follows this path with a particular intensity.

In 2001 Impakt screened Gagnon’s film FULL THROTTLE ENGINE COMPONENT (DU MOTEUR A EXPLOSION) at the Centraal Museum Utrecht and in 2011, the first part of his triptych, RIP IN PIECES AMERICA (2009) was part of the Jailbreak program in the Impakt Festival. Gagnon used his Impakt-residency from December 2011 until January 2012, to work on the third part of the triptych, BIG KISS GOODNIGHT, that will now be screened at Impakt, in a last stage of editing, on July 5.


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