Performance Lecture
Performance Lecture


11 June 2013

Impakt presents the third event pertaining to this year’s theme Capitalism Catch-22. On 11 June 2013, you will be given the opportunity to invest in the Stock Fantasy Ventures project, an enterprise set up by Impakt resident artist Andrew Norman Wilson. His film Workers Leaving the GooglePlex which examines the hierarchy at internet giant Google will also be screened.

Alongside exhibitions at the Venice Biennial, Art Basel 2013 and solo exhibitions in Los Angeles and Berlin, Andrew Norman Wilson will be an artist in residence at Impakt from 15 May to 17 June 2013. In his recent work, Wilson focuses on new forms of labour and the flows of capitalism and information which accompany globalism i.e. he is perfectly aligned with this year’s theme Capitalism Catch-22.

Stock Fantasy Ventures / Investors meeting + dinner / 18:00 / €15,00

Stock Fantasy Ventures is not just a startup, it’s a movement. Current offerings of stock media through marketplaces such as Getty Images and iStock Video typically present a limited scope of activity, situations, and identity stereotypes. Stock Fantasy Ventures seeks to create alternative representations of finance and business. Recurring themes are financial uncertainty and discontent, alternative gender/racial identities, disgruntled workers and consumers, and absurdity.

Global communicators spanning the fields of business, art, and journalism are increasingly turning to cost-cutting stock imagery due to the ease with which high quality imagery can circulate online. These communicators will use our products to motivate, entertain, sell, inform, and inspire. Our products are more true to our contemporary moment than current offerings of stock media, filling a gap in the market and a need in our society.

Andrew Norman Wilson is looking for investors to fund the production of each stock image concept and, following its release as stock imagery and historically relevant art work, returns are split between the investor, the platform the images are offered through, and the Stock Fantasy Ventures.

Workers Leaving the GooglePlex / Performance lecture / 20:00 / €5,00

Workers Leaving the GooglePlex investigates the marginalized class of Google Books “ScanOps” workers at Google’s international corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley. Wilson documents the yellow badged ScanOps workers, while simultaneously chronicling the complex events surrounding his own dismissal from the company. The reference to the Lumière Brother’s 1895 film Workers Leaving the Factory situates the video within motion picture history, suggesting transformations and continuities in arrangements of labor, capital, media and information.

ScanOps is based on Google Books images in which software distortions, the scanning site, and the hands of the “ScanOps” employees are visible. Through varied analog presentations, the aesthetics of the images and the apparatuses that produced them are foregrounded over the originally intended content. These re-materializations are treated as photography—taking the form of framed image-sculptures, compiled in a mobile book-sculpture, and presented in a performance-lecture.

Throughout the performance medium-specific considerations and various histories of film, video, photography and the internet are addressed—emphasizing the materiality of both analog and digital media and the labor processes they entail.

More information on Andrew Norman Wilson can be found here.


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