26 September 2013

Double, triple and quadruple dips seem to characterize the current state of European economies. As such, the economic system appears to be in a permanent state of stress. A state that is amplified by an all-time low consumer trust due to the severe austerity measures in Europe. How can we analyze this state of stress? What are the forces that constitute a crash? How can these be visualized and reconstructed? Which psychological processes are stake here and to what extent is the world economy influenced by psychological phenomena? Are hormones main actors that influence the stock market? And finally, can we restore our trust in the economic system?

During this event, artists, psychologists and economists will present their views on the psychology of the crash.

Presentations by:

Bureau d’Études

The Paris-based artists Léonore Bonaccini and Xavier Fourt form the duo Bureau d’Études. For the last several years, the French group has been producing cartographies of contemporary political, social and economic systems. Their visual analysis of transnational capitalism is based on extensive research and is usually presented in the form of large-sized murals. Impakt invited them to develop a visual analysis of the psychology of the crash.

Fred van Raaij (Universiteit van Tilburg)

Professor Fred van Raaij researches the underlying psychology of economic processes. In his talk he visualizes the effects of negative news reports on consumer confidence, the collective economic gloom in The Netherlands and the passivity which arises from cutbacks.

Marije Meerman (VPRO Tegenlicht)

Documentary film maker Marije Meerman developed ‘Money & Speed: Inside the Black Box’, one of the first iPad documentaries. This thriller, (based on a true story) provides insight in the financial world and offers a reconstruction of the fastest and deepest drop ever on the American stock markets. During her talk Meerman will show a preview of the sequel to ‘Money & Speed’.

This event is moderated by Christiaan Fruneaux. Fruneaux is one third of Amsterdam-based collective Monnik, responsible for the curation of the main programme of this years Impakt Festival.

Read more about Monnik at the Impakt Festival 2013.


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