23 May 2013
Location: IMPAKT Centre for Media Culture

Impakt presents a second event within the year theme Capitalism Catch-22. Thursday 23 May, we’ll look at the economic value of internet behaviour with the event  The Reputation Economy. Earlier on the same day, a hands-on-workshop is given for everyone who wonders how to use Facebook against itself.

How can your online presence on Twitter and Facebook be converted into money? Online reputations play increasingly important roles when it comes to things such as online recruitment, shared consumption and determining your credit worthiness. Is there a reputation economy? Who actually earns money on the basis of your reputation? And how will this affect how trust develops between people now and in the future?

Trendwatchers, researchers and artists’ presentations will catalogue the opportunities and risks of the new, online, reputation economy.

With presentations by:

Farid Tabarki (Studio Zeitgeist)

Farid Tabarki was Trendwatcher van het Jaar 2012 [Trendwatcher of the Year 2012] and is the founder/director of Studio Zeitgeist. Among other things, Tabarki studies the rising culture of radical transparency.

Carolin Gerlitz (University of Amsterdam/Goldsmiths).

Carolin Gerlitz is an assistant professor of New Media & Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam. She studies how online reputations and social interaction are turned into economic value on Facebook and Twitter. Her presentation will deal with the Like Economy and Klout scores.

Tobias Leingruber (F.A.T. Lab/Social ID Bureau)

Developer and artist Tobias Leingruber is interested in the future of identity in a digital world. Leingruber developed the idea of creating a Facebook ID as an alternative to his passport when custom’s officials asked him to see his Facebook profile.

Workshop: FB Resistance

By Tobias Leingruber & Marc Stumpel

During this workshop, Leingruber and Stumpel will invite participants to explore every nook and cranny of Facebook in order to change the user experience of the world’s largest social network. Work will also take place on subversive prototypes, funny alternative user scripts and other ideas. Check


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