Media, social logic, staging and intervening as important instruments

7 October 2015

Can an artist be sincere and exploit an existing social dynamic at the same time? On Wednesday 7 October 2015, Impakt hosts an evening with Dutch artist and filmmaker Douwe Dijkstra. As part of an exchange with the Museum for Image and Sound in São Paulo in August and September Douwe Dijkstra is developing a new film in which he investigates his own intentions and artistic strategies as a filmmaker in a foreign place. It turns out there’s a fine line between sincere interest in documenting and observing the social realities of São Paulo – and, the artistic impulse of staging by means of intervention and play.

Along the screening of Douwe’s recent videos there will be two reflecting correspondents who respond to the themes and issues on the table from the perspective of their own artistic practice: Jaap Scheeren and Frank & Michiel, the artist duo by Frank Blommestijn and Michiel van der Werf.

In his autonomous short films Douwe Dijkstra (1982, NL) gives a prominent role to the processes of his work and their less visible layers of meaning. Media and social logic are recurrent themes while staging and intervening are important instruments. Douwe is currently a Gouden Kalf nominee in the category of Best Short Film at the Dutch Film Festival, NFF 2015.


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