Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion


23 October 2016
12:00 — 13:30

Location: Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

In the programme ZIN op Zondag: Living Like a Local on Sunday the 23rd of October Impakt will investigate tourism and the authentic experience of the city, at the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht.

Cities are also looking for authenticity. Citybranding is becoming increasingly important in tourism advertising campaigns. In increasing numbers the tourist is looking for an experience outside of mass tourism. But how authentic is this “authentic experience of the city”? What is the influence of the rise of Airbnb on the atmosphere of a city and what can a growth in tourism signify for the locals?

In this programme moderator Chris Keulemans will start a discussion with Bas Hendrikx, one of the curators of Impakt Festival 2016, Valerie Drost, advisor of tourism at Utrecht city council and Henneke Hagen, researcher of the VPRO Tegenlicht epixode called “Slapend Rijk” about Airbnb. Impakt Resident Artist Beny Wagner will present his project “Obviously This is a Girl’s Apartment”.

Programme: Living Like a Local

Location: Restaurant Zindering, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

Start: 12:00

Tickets: 10 euro, for an extra 5 euro you can order lunch during this programme.

The event will take place mainly in Dutch, the presentation by Beny Wagner will be in English.

Check out more about Beny Wagner here:


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