19 October 2016

Location: Filmtheater ‘t Hoogt

The US television series Homeland is massively popular but has also been criticized for its overly Western view of geopolitical situations and the clichéd image of Arabic culture it portrays. Don “Stone” Karl got involved in Homeland when the makers of the show approached him for help with finding Arabic “street-artists”. They were looking for graffiti artists to provide the set in Berlin where the new episodes were being recorded with “authenticity”. The set was a well-reconstructed city in the Middle-East but for the artist it quickly became apparent that the producers who had invited them could not speak a word of Arabic. Although they first thought of refusing the commision, they soon changed their mind and decided to join the series to “hack” it. The graffiti they produced for the set contained criticism of the stereotyping present in the series. Because none of the show’s makers who were present during the recording and post-production process understood a word of Arabic, the episode they worked on was aired to their surprise.

Impakt is bringing Heba Amin, Caram Kapp and Don “Stone” Karl to Utrecht for a unique presentation. They will talk about Hacking Homeland, screen the accompanying film material and tell about the world-wide media attention their hack caused.


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