3 September 2017
14:00 — 22:00

Location: UITFEEST 2017

Myth, magic and monsters is often used to explain the complex role of technology in our life. The Impakt Festival explores the relationship between technology, religion, magic and the occult with a programme full of international speakers, artists, thinkers and makers. Which metaphors do we use to explain what Facebook does with your data, how smart is a Smart TV really, and what does this all mean for us? Sample the festival programme with a talk show hosted by the festival curators, a unique tour of Museum Speelklok and an exciting short film.


14:00 Talkshow with Impakt Festival curators Tobias Revell, Natalie Kane, and guests guests Dan Hassler-Forest, Simone Niquille, Edward Akintola Hubbard and Rainer Hofmann (in English)

Location: Stayokay, Neude 5, Utrecht

16:30 Haunted Machines guided tour (in English). The permanent collection of antique automata will be approached in the light of the festival Haunted Machines & Wicked Problems

Location: Museum Speelklok, Steenweg 6, Utrecht

20:15 Teacher of Algorithms by Simone Rebaudengo, a short film from the Impakt programme, will be screened before the feature film at the open air cinema of the Dutch Film Festival.

Location: Stadhuisplein, Utrecht

Want more? Make sure to come to the Impakt Festival 2017: Haunted Machines & Wicked Problems from the 25th until the 29th of October!


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