A World Without Us (2018)

Exhibition with lectures, events, panels, workshops and film screenings.

A World Without Us took place from 23 November 2018 - 3 February 2019.

A World Without Us imagines a world without humans. The way we, as a species, currently interact with nature and the environment means that this world will perhaps arrive sooner than we anticipated. In 2007, American journalist Alan Weisman published a work of non-fiction titled The World Without Us, in which he describes what would happen to the planet if humans were to suddenly disappear. He outlines which traces of human civilisation would soon be lost, how cities and houses would tumble into disrepair, which materials and structures would survive longest as well as how the various non-human organisms would develop after humanity’s disappearance. A World Without Us addresses the urgency of working towards an improved and symbiotic relation with nature. Through the exhibition and a series of connected events, the program aims to show not only the detrimental damage caused by us humans, but also the ways in which technology can create solutions.

The programme is aligned with the Post-truth theme IMPAKT is focusing on in 2018. Climate change denial is a major issue in our Post-truth society. This denial contributes to an atmosphere in which it is nigh on impossible to create a general sense of urgency. The net result being that there is still insufficient social and political support to implement the necessary changes.

This exhibition is part of the EMAP/EMARE project and supported by the Creative Europe Culture Programme of the European Union, the City of Utrecht, the Mondriaan Fund and the Creative Industries Fund.


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