Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion

IMPAKT Event: Artist Talk by Mimi Onuoha

18 May 2018
15:00 — 17:00

Location: IMPAKT Centre for Media Culture

Post-truth and Algorithmic Violence, artist talk by Mimi Onuoha

American artist Mimi Onuoha will be visiting Utrecht to talk about her practice, especially invited for the occasion by Impakt, HKU, FIBER and Utrecht University. In her work Onuoha critically addresses the increasing dominance of data, algorithms, and the processes categorizations and social sorting this engenders. Her work The Library of Missing Databases was exhibited at the Impakt Festival 2017. With her particular focus on the power of data to influence the way we perceive the world around us, Onuoha sheds new light on the workings of the Post-truth era. She also highlights the way we are manipulated every day by the so-called algorithmic superstructures, the structures of power created by the collection of our personal data that turn each of us into digital subjects

About Mimi Onuoha (US)

Mimi Onuoha is a Brooklyn-based artist and researcher investigating the social results of data collection and computational categorization. Her work uses code, writing, performance, and objects to explore missing data and the ways in which people are abstracted, represented, and classified. Onuoha has been in residence at Eyebeam, Studio XX, the Data & Society Research Institute, Columbia University’s Tow Center, and the Royal College of Art. She has exhibited and presented workshops in festivals internationally, and in 2014 she was selected to be in the inaugural class of Fulbright-National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellows. She was recently a visiting faculty member at Bennington College, and currently is teaching at NYU.

This event is organized in collaboration with FIBER, Utrecht University’s Media and Culture Studies department and HKU Schools of Fine Arts and Media. Mimi Onuoha is part of a Visitors Programme hosted by FIBER and The New Institute.

Impakt is generously funded by The City of Utrecht, Mondriaan Fund, Creative Industry Fund NL and the Democracy and Media Foundation.

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