Future Life

17 January 2019
— 19 January 2019

This conference programme reflects on the themes of the exhibition A World Without Us and inspired by ArchaeaBot, an artwork by Anna Dumitriu and Alex May, it explores what life might mean in a post climate change, post singularity future. We ask what roles art can play in engaging audiences in environmental issues, the development of new technologies and the societal implications of our decisions.

Our programme features internationally renowned speakers and keynotes from across art, science and philosophy and explores our themes from perspectives of robotics and AI, microbiology, synthetic biology, neuroscience, hacking, and environmental activism. What would a world without us look like? Will it be ruled by transhumans, intelligent robots or bacteria?

What: conference curated by Anna Dumitriu
When: 17-19 January
Where: Louis Hartlooper Complex & IMPAKT Center for Media Culture

IMPAKT Future Life – Conference, Utrecht

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