Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion

Gaming Like a Girl


15 September 2019

Location: Academiegebouw

Gaming like a girl. Once an insult, now the most normal thing in the world. At least, it should be. Despite the fact that women make up almost half the amount of gamers, their presence alone can be a magnet for trolls. The same is true for gamers of colour and LGBTQI+ gamers. What does the world look like after #gamergate? What do women and minorities have to suffer in games? What does this say about our society as a whole? And in what way can game designers and producers buck this trend? We will discuss this topic with a diverse panel of game experts.

With game designer Aïda de Ridder (Wispfire), game producers Eline Muijres (Games4Diversity) and game communication professional Esmeralda Hoffman, game journalist Erwin Vogelaar and media scientist Ingrid Hoofd (UU) as moderator.


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