Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion

The Grand Podcast Talkshow


15 September 2019

Location: Academiegebouw

With podcasts we are finding ourselves in the middle of a golden age: self-care, murder mysteries and audio portraits. Fiction, non-fiction and everything in between. Dramatists, journalists and artists are diving headfirst into the medium. Visit this talkshow with maybe the most well known Dutch podcast creator Simon Heijmans (De Brand in het Landhuis), Saskia EbeliLilian Hak (Uitgespeeld) and theatre collective De Trans//missie (Leidsche Rijn: De stad waar je nooit dacht te gaan wonen). How do you succesfully make a podcast? How do you reach your audience as a podcast creator? And the best tips for new podcasts you never heard of!

Part of Uitfeest 2019, the whole programme can be found here.

What: The Grand Podcast Talkshow
When: 15 September 14:00
Location: Room 1636 in Academiegebouw, Domplein 29 in Utrecht
Tickets: Free entry
Language: Dutch


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