A Crowded Sky

Crowd psychology in the digital age

3 June 2020
— 28 June 2020
12:00 — 17:00

Location: IMPAKT Centre for Media Culture

The exhibition A CROWDED SKY gathers a group of diverse artists looking at crowd psychology from different strata. In the exhibition space artworks appear and disappear on various locations. Through this time-based format (duration cycle: 1,5 hours) the artworks merge into one conversation and simultaneously the artists fuse into one crowd.

Internet 2.0 has enabled crowds to gather in new constellations. At the same time, developments in machine learning have increased crowd surveillance, while algorithmic crowd simulation is deployed to predict future human movements. The exhibition deals with these new and urgent themes in an exhibition in which light, sound and different video works alternate in a theatrical way, like actors in a play.

The exhibition presents works by Jasmijn Visser, S†ëfan Schäfer, Lawrence Lek, Clemens von Wedemeyer, Lantian Xie & Jaebum Kim, Tools for Action and Anna Ådahl. Special thanks to Christoph Scherbaum.

Location: IMPAKT Centre for Mediaculture, Lange Nieuwstraat 4, Utrecht. Open from Wednesday until Sunday with a limited number of available tickets. To visit the exhibition you need to buy an online ticket in advance.

The full cycle of screened films takes 70 minutes and you can decide at what time – within your timeframe – you want to start your visit without letting us know beforehand. We stick to a limited capacity to ensure the 1,5 metres distance and by purchasing an online ticket you have secured your entry. If you want to experience the full cycle, don’t come any later than 70 minutes before the ending time on your ticket. 

Here you can read the rules for visitors while visiting the exhibition.

You can read the accompanying publication, with contributions by Jasmijn Visser & S†ëfan Schäfer, Lawrence Lek, Clemens von Wedemeyer & Franciska Zólyom, Tools for Action, Paolo Caffoni & Falke Pisano and Anna Ådahl here, or book a timeslot and pick up a paper version when you visit the exhibition.

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