Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion

Inclusive Extensions: from Design to Practice

Panel discussion with Simon Dogger, Michel Witter and Gesche Joost

19 November 2020
19:30 — 20:30

Location: Online programme

An inclusive society allows disabled people to participate on an equal footing. But how are we to create such a society – and what role can art, design and technology play in this? These are key questions in the IMPAKT series Inclusive Extensions. After a panel discussion and a three-day workshop on this topic, we are now looking at the necessary steps from the scientific drawing board to implementation in daily life. What do we need to make new designs applicable on a large scale for people with physical disabilities? What are the opportunities and challenges – and where are the limits to such applications?

To investigate this, we are focusing on ‘haptic interfaces’ for people with impaired hearing or vision. An interface converts information from a system into comprehensible, recognisable stimuli; in a haptic interface, this information is transmitted by the sense of touch, enabling people to see or hear through vibrations or movements. For example, the researcher Michel Witter has developed an interactive belt that vibrates round the waist and can be used by hearing-impaired people to perceive virtual objects. The blind designer Simon Dogger  has created an ‘emotion whisperer’ based on facial recognition. Glasses with a built-in camera record emotions on the face of someone the person is talking to, such as a raised eyebrow or a thoughtful smile. A hand-held apparatus registers these emotions as different vibrating signals, so that for example a blind person can feel whether someone is smiling.

These are just some of the many developments in the field of haptic interfaces. Yet they are only very gradually becoming part of disabled people’s lives. How can we change this? Inclusive Extensions: from Science to Practice includes discussions not only with Simon Dogger and Michel Witter, but also with design researcher Gesche Joost on the potential role and future of technology in an inclusive society.

This event takes place via Zoom. You can get your tickets here. Before the event we will send you an email with the link to participate.


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