IMPAKT at the Dutch Design Week

We invite you to join this collective sweating experience in the face of the impending consequences of climate change. The yogini will take you into a relaxing journey into the molecular dimensions of the anthropocene, as you sweat through different asanas: “inhale, and bring your attention to all the particulate matter landing on your alveoles… exhale and let go of your cognitive dissonance…” The practice takes place in front of 200+ heat lamps that convey the letters G-L-O-B-A-L-W-A-R-M-I-N-G.

To many people, yoga is an intimate journey in which balance and awareness are achieved through breathing and exercises. A way to get closer to yourself and to the world around you. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the increasing popularity of yoga testifies to the strong social need for a new equilibrium. Yet, there’s a paradox: even for health activities we jump in our cars to drive to the gym, outsourcing the burning of calories to the engines that burns fossil fuel. We sweat and then we hydrate ourselves from plastic bottles, which ends up accumulating in our oceans as plastic waste. Hot yoga is symbolic of urban lifestyles, where “healthy” and “stress-free” have become the new commodities for the middle class. Is this a response to or an amplification of 21th century consumerism? Pinar Yoldas’ unique class will make us sweat to critically reflect on our relationship to our planet. 

IMPAKT presents: Global Warming Yoga Studio at DDW
Pinar Yoldas’ Global Warming Yoga Studio is part of the programme of the Dutch Design Week (17 – 25 October). A class will be LIVE streamed especially for the DDW from out our “Global Warming Yoga Studio” in Utrecht. The performance is a special preview of the upcoming IMPAKT Festival 2020: Zero Footprint at the DDW.

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