Hysteria, or the lack of political will?

IMPAKT TV episode with Marc Schuilenburg

3 June 2021
20:00 — 21:00

Location: IMPAKT TV online

Recently philosopher Marc Schuilenburg published the book “Hysteria. Crime, media and politics” (Routledge, 2021). In the book he argues that our societies are characterized by a moral overdrive. He sees social media as key players helping to spread the ‘infection of hysteria’. These omnipresent emotional reactions and resentments feed the rise of right-wing populism and its cult of authoritarian personalities and the accompanying denial for the need for inclusive societies. How to counter this hysteria? By producing counter narratives which touch on sentiments too? Recent examples as our dealings with Covid19 show us that could be just the wrong approach. Or do we need the coolness of a society which has a purpose, a political will to really change matters for the better? What roles do politicians and journalists take in spreading or calming down hysteria? What can you do in a world where the facts are hysterical? 

Join us for the third IMPAKT TV episode dedicated to Hysteria or; the lack of political will. Our guest is philosopher Marc Schuilenburg. He teaches at Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam combining sociology, philosophy and criminology. The programme is hosted by Friso Wiersum (European Cultural Foundation and Expodium,) and Michelle Franke (IMPAKT). Read more about IMPAKT TV.

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