IMPAKT x CIVA: Bal Masqué

Afterparty CIVA Festival, virtual background battle and masks performance

27 February 2021

Location: Online programme

For those who can’t get enough! IMPAKT and CIVA, Vienna’s new media art festival, invite you to a special afterparty to round up this year’s 9-day CIVA festival. Join us for this Bal Masqué on 27 February from 19:30. Everyone is welcome: join us online, wear your most crazy digital or real masks and party with us. Just like in the first Bal Masqué, we like to challenge you: can you come up with the most exceptional background and masks performance?

The highlight of the ball is the Virtual Background Battle for the best (virtual) costume and the most exceptional background and masks performance. We expect exceptional guests from all over the world at our party. There is an award for the best self-made Snap Camera Mask, a Best Guest Performance Award and you can request a Spotlight Moment if you want to be centre stage for a moment. Friso Wiersum will be the MC for the night. This all is happening on a danceable up-beat selection of obscure masterpieces, forgotten classics, exotic finds and the occasional guilty pleasure. The playlist of the upcoming Bal Masque is still a secret, but here is the playlist of the previous Bal.

Whether you take up the battle, or prefer to be part of the influential audience jury, you are most welcome to join us!

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How does it work:
Join our party or Virtual Background Battle in style: using the virtual background options of Zoom, mask option of Snap Camera and whatever else you can think of, to create the most creative or crazy spectacle. You can use one of the off-the-shelve Zoom backgrounds but we would of course prefer to see you use your own videos as background and mix them with snapchat filters. Here you can find an easy guide on how to activate the masks in Snapchat.

Battle participants
The line-up:

  • Sabrina Verhage
  • Claudia van Swelm
  • Anke Verbeek
  • Fleur van der linde and Jasmijn van der weide
  • Klasien van de Zandschulp
  • Sander Veenhof
  • CIVA Team “VIP toilet”
  • CIVA Team “The CIVAs”
  • CIVA Team “Sounds of Blackness”
  • CIVA Team 4
  • Marijn Bril
  • Danielle Arets

Special guest at the this month’s Bal Masque is artist Sander Veenhof. Sander Veenhof has been using AR technology since 2010, enjoying the freedom adapt his world according to his own needs. As our present day reality occurs occurs in numerous zoom sessions, that’s where his latest interventions are happening. After the battles Sander will present his Snap Camera project Godot. The project allows users to play Beckets Godot with his masks

After each battle the audience decides on the winner. Also audience members can win prizes. We offer 50 euro and a unique hand-made IMPAKT upcycled bags for the Best Snap Camera Mask and the Best Overall Performance.

After the battles are over the ball will start. The floor is open to the audience and you can fool around and show off with your masks and backgrounds. During the evening we will have two challenge moments where you are invite to respond to themes. To make it easy we will start with the darlings of the internt: CATS. The second theme is OUTER SPACE.

Russian artist Tanya Akhmetgalieva has made some unique custom-made masks for us. You can activate in Snap Camera and try them out. Unlock the IMPAKT Bomb and the Agree/Disagree masks here

If you want to relax for a minute or socialize and talk with people you can go to our virtual bar with bar-host Andrej, who already hosted our legendary digital bar at the last IMPAKT Festival 2020 Zero Footprint.

About CIVA:
Our partner CIVA is Vienna’s new media art festival. CIVA aims to show the potential of artistic approaches in interaction with science, technology, the global society. At the core of the festival is the desire to build a strong network, to be a well-functioning platform for a growing international community, and to create joyful, low-threshold access for visitors of all backgrounds. 

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