Sit down at the table with various makers

19 September 2021
12:00 — 20:00

Location: RAUM
€ 13,50

10 tables, 4 rounds, 40 short talks by 20 makers, 1 inspiring keynote, 1 XXL vega BBQ, 100+ makers and like-minded people. These are the ingredients of the second Makers Meet & Eat organised by Creative Coding Utrecht, IMPAKT, RAUM, and SETUP on Sunday 19 September from 12:00 – 20:00 at RAUM on Berlijnplein.

During the Meet & Eat you will sit around the table with various makers to get to know their methods and research in the field of digital art, culture and design. An afternoon for meeting, sharing knowledge, tricks of the trade and a look behind the scenes. The day will end with a BBQ hosted by Venster, where we will chat while enjoying a good bite, drink and (hopefully) the sun. 

Keynote: Dries Depoorter
Belgian artist Dries Depoorter talks about his catchy and humorous works in which he explores themes such as privacy, social media, artificial intelligence and surveillance.

Short Talks:
After the Keynote, get inspired by 20 makers, including:

  • Johan Rijpma, known for his playful, experimental animations with thousands online views;
  • 155, Utrecht-based theater collective combining memes, gifs and online culture with dance, music and film;
  • Jeroen van Loon, artist researching and documenting data and digital culture. What does the internet do to our idea of love and friendship?
  • Marc Tuters, on Weird Gnosis, a project investigating esoteric subcultures, occultism and “alternative science.”  
  • Rosa Wevers, PhD candidate at Utrecht University.


We can’t wait! Are you coming?

Some talks will be in Dutch during the event
Tickets are €12,50, including BBQ



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