IMPAKT TV episode #22: Saturday 15:45

With Daniel Jacoby and Michael Portnoy (The New Joy of Sex) and Peter-Paul Verbeek

6 November 2021
15:45 — 16:30

Location: IMPAKT TV from Koepelzaal

This IMPAKT TV episode starts with a conversation with filmmakers Daniel Jacoby and Michael Portnoy, who will tell us more about their films in the preceding screening programme The New Joy of Sex.

From 16:00 onwards, we dive into the ‘cyborg’ world. What does the notion of the ‘cyborg’ still mean in our hyper-digitalized world? Has technology become our nature? This IMPAKT TV episode, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy of Technology Peter-Paul Verbeek will guide us through the history and changing relationship between humans and technology. This presentation, titled Inclusive ethics for Cyborgs, is part of the IMPAKT webproject Cyborg Futures, which investigates the role of cyborgs, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics in our modern world, including interviews and artworks by Stelarc, Neil Harbisson, Anna Gimbrére, Joanna Bryson, Alain Bieber, Klasien van de Zandschulp & Ali Eslami, Lancel/Maat, Simon Dogger, Monobanda, Wouter van Noort, Dan Hassler-Forest, Anneke Smelik and many other artists and speakers: 

This episode is hosted by Michelle Franke.

Threaded throughout the main festival programme, IMPAKT TV is your online guide with extra reports and interviews with artists and special guests and a unique peek behind the scenes. So tune in for five days of TV broadcasts you really don’t want to miss.


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