Live, Laugh, Limerence

Marijke De Roover

3 November 2021
20:30 — 21:00

Location: Het Huis Main Stage

Performance, opening night //

We open the IMPAKT Festival 2021 Modern Love with Marijke De Roover’s Live, Laugh, Limerence. This opera-performance questions the culturally determined ways in which we choreograph and organise the performance of love through heteronormative structures; through the clichés of rom-coms, musical theatre, opera, karaoke and Disney.

Songs often attempt to describe how we feel when we’re in love. And as they’re describing, they are also telling us how we should feel. Opera is filled with tales of violence, of great passions tragically predetermined by social inequalities that are usually more cruel and exclusionary towards women as well as minorities occupying symbolically weaker positions of power. The ‘Tragic Heroine’ was one of the key figures in the erotics of heterosexual desire that emerged alongside the invention of homosexuality as an identity. One of her fatal flaws was her attraction to catastrophe; her other fatal flaw was her fidelity in love. The real life suppression of real women led to the host culture inventing its own representation of the gender, and it was this fictional ‘woman’ who appeared on stage. De Roover is interested in subverting this fiction, and presenting a new kind of love that doesn’t have a precedent in contemporary media representation. 

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Marijke De Roover’s opening performance will be presented at the IMPAKT Festival with the kind support of the Flemish Arts Centre de Brakke Grond.

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